Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Having the wrong attitude towards life and taking on unnecessary stress can lead to physical and emotional health problems. This is where the healing power of gemstones can help transform your life. Let's talk about the stone of ''Hope''.
Amazonite is blue-green.......to pale green stone, also known as the stone of hope.
Amazonite is a strong stone for communicating, helps balance the emotions and gives physical stamina.
This crystal is an extremely soothing and calming stone.
Amazonite is used to disperse negative energy, it is powerful to help to relieve stress, while at the same time it is highly energizing.
At times we are all put into a situation where we need to speak of delicate matters that are emotionally difficult to speak truthfully about. Amazonite will aid you to communicate harmoniously and truthfully and to let your true feelings and thoughts from a higher perspective shine through.

Amazonite helps to clear and support the kidneys, liver and sometimes is used for protection against electromagnetic stress, by placing it in front of the computer monitor, or microwawes.

Amazonite is used for these benefits:
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- This stone represents prosperity
- Great over a door to bring in new business
- Good for communication
- Great for confidence and leadership
- Used for self-expression
- Increases self-respect
- Reduces self-damaging behavior
- Used for artistic creativity and healing
- Assists with relationships by enhancing communication concerning love

Amazonite calms while at the same time lifting the spirits, and can be used to treat depressions.
Holding this stone in your hand while doing affirmations may aid their manifestation... as it brings extra energy to the power of positive affirmations.

You can wear it on you to improve your luck, or you can hold it in your hand for healing.
Crystals should be cleansed soon after you get one for the first time and after each time you use the stone for healing, either for yourself or healing for someone else.


Some methods of cleansing: 

1.) Water is the universal cleanser. I f you have access to the ocean, ocean water is wonderful. You
      can rinse the crystal in water, or you can place the crystal in a glass filled with water.
2.) You can place it on your windowsill, to charge it in the sun.
3.) The moon can also be used for cleansing and charging. Place your crystal in the direct light of the

''Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and  
 suddenly you are doing the impossible.''
~ St. Francis of Assisi ~



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