Saturday, December 8, 2012

Achieve whatever you dream about

I can talk about The law of attraction all the time. 
Some people believe in it, some people don't.
That doesn't change the fact that law of attraction has always been here from ancient times and people have always used it. The power in using the law of attraction depends largely on how you think. It can be very difficult to apply, especially if you are used to negative thinking.

To achieve whatever you dream about you need a willpower. Willpower is defined as having mastery over your thoughts and emotions. The good news is willpower can be trained. 
When you challenge yourself to do something new and difficult, use visualization exercises to create the right frame of mind and create new thoughts and habits.
You have to remember, it is not enough just to visualize what you want for a few minutes and then let doubts and disbelief fill your mind for the rest of the day. 
Reprogramming the subconscious with affirmations is an excellent way to change your attitude, habits and make you better at getting what you want out of life.
Your thoughts have power, power to determine how you feel, what you do (or don't do).
By talking and acting in a certain way your surrounding will react accordingly and that's how you attract what it is you want in life.
You need persistence, concentration, the ability to visualize and daily affirmations.
Change the way you think, change the way you talk. 
Did you know?
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Taking care of your physical needs helps you stay strong. Being hungry and tired make it easier to say “I quit” when you could go on. So, from now on, get enough rest and eat small, frequent meals.


''There is not great talent without great will power.''
~Honore de Balzac~

''Everyone visualizes whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success.''
~Genevieve Berhrend~

''Whether you know it or not, today you are placing an order for your tomorrows from the 
  catalogue of the Universe. Your predominant thoughts and feelings today are creating a 
  frequency that is automatically determining your life tomorrow. Feel good now and for the 
  rest of the day, and make your tomorrows magnificent. ''
~Rhonda Byrne~ 

"You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer~  

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