Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy First of May

The month of May is considered to be the time of love and new life. 

The First of May is a Public Holiday in France and Slovakia, officially known as ''La Fête du Travail'', in Slovakia (Sviatok Práce) which is the equivalent of Labour Day. 

In Slovakia is also tradition on May 1st to kiss a girl under a cherry blossom so she will stay beautiful all year round. We also do ''Stavanie májov'' (Raising of maypoles). The May verdure a symbol of energy and growth. In the past, the most important place belonged to the tree which was called the maypole. In some places young man put up the maypoles. Mostly tall straight trees served as maypoles, especially firs and pines with their bark peeled off. Their tops are decorated with colourful ribbons.

In France it is also another special day, ''La Fête du Muguet'', the flower known in English as Lily of the Valley. On May 1, 1561, King Charles IX of France received a Lily of the Valley as a lucky charm. He decided to offer a Lily of the Valley each year to the ladies of the court. 
At the beginning of the 20th century, it became custom to give a sprig of Lily of the Valley, a symbol of springtime, on May 1.

Are you doing anything special today to celebrate? 

Lily of the Valley - Happy first of May to each one of you.





  1. I can actually smell the flowers now ah, the pics are so beautiful

  2. Beautiful post, those flowers are so delicate and pretty!

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  3. Nice words. There is so much life in flowers and giving flowers is such a beautiful act within itself.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely messages. I'm glad you like it.
    Dusana :-)