Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Your imagination is amazing and combined with positive thinking, you can get great results.

"Imagination is more real that then the world you see, because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe! What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life."

In summer 2009, on my way to work, I had a usual journey, by being stuck in the tube, not able to get a seat and feeling frustrated. There was hardly any air and I was slowly getting angry. Looking around everybody look tired and irritated. Well, who wouldn't be at 6.30 in the morning. Then I spotted poster on the wall. It was a picture of couple looking at each other, holding hands. Behind was a scenery of Marakech. Somehow I couldn't get my eyes of it, looking at it I felt peace, relax and all I could think was: ''Wau, I wish to be there one day.''

On the way from work I saw the picture again and in a next few weeks, the poster was everywhere.... in the magazines, Metro papers and at the tube station. Each time I saw it, I imagined it to be there. One day, we went out with my boyfriend and I pointed at the poster.
''Look, wouldn't be wonderful to go there on holidays?''
''Yes, it would.'' He replied.
''I have never been there'' I continued  ''Look again, it looks so magical.''
''Yes, it does'' he smilled, ''but we already have our holidays booked for next year in June, so maybe in two years time.'' He then pulled me closer and hugged me.
''I know, I'm just saying that it look very nice'' with that sentence I stopped talking about it. But whenever I was passing by and saw it, I keep imagining being there.

After 3 months of seeing picture everywhere, one day I came home and my boyfriend welcome me at the door.
''I've got a big news for you'' he smilled.
''Tell me, tell me!'' I couldn't wait to hear, what the good news was.
''Well, my brother is getting married.''
''That's amazing news, I'm really happy for them'' I replied.
''That's not all'' he continued ''Wedding is in May and they decided to get married in Marrakech. So, it looks like we are going to Morroco next year.''
''Really, they are getting married in Marrakech, how romantic.''

Months passed by, we went to Marrakech and the wedding was amazing. Everything was just perfect.
And about us???
We stayed there for one week and managed to see surroundings of Marrakech and it look even more beautiful then in the pictures.

The funniest part is that at the end I went to Marrakech one months before our original summer holidays. That's just show how fast our imagination work.
The only time I was thinking about Marrakech was, when I saw the pictures in the tube, or in the magazines and I got there 9 months after first seeing the picture.
For some people 9 months seems to be a long time, but not for me. We didn't plan to go there and when I mentioned it to my boyfriend he replied, maybe in 2 years time.
So it shows, that if you dreamed about something, more often you can do it, more faster it can happen.


Whatever you can imagine is waiting for you and the way to make it visible is to harness the force of love by imagining and feeling what you love. You are the driver of your mind, so take charge and keep it busy with your instructions by telling it where you want it to go. 

''Everything is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.''
~Jack Canfield~

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  1. I do remember that story :)

    I have lots of images in my mind now..... :)