Thursday, January 26, 2012

A big cup of coffee!

Positive thinking! How long does it take for the law of attraction to work???
Power of words is strong and sometimes it works faster than we can imagine.
Few months ago I took my boyfriend for a wine tasting. It was his birthday, so I thought weekend away in the country side, followed by a wine tasting is perfect idea.
We left early in the morning and on the way stopped for a coffee.
''Oh, I wish to have a nice and big cup of coffee'' I said.
''Big cup of coffee?'' my boyfriend asked.
''Yes, it's a long time since I had a nice coffee, so I just wish to have a biiiiiig cup.''
He just smiled and we went to order.
But I got a small cup of bitter coffee, disappointed I drank it and we continued the journey.

When we arrived to our hotel we were nicely surprised how beautiful and charming it was. Dropped suitcase in our room and decided to start with a trip to wine caves. We had 10 minutes before another excursions so while we were waiting, we ordered 2 glasses of champagne. I couldn't help, but notice how beautiful our glasses were.
I looked at my boyfriend and said : ,,Those are our new champagne glasses!''
''Of course'' he answered with a cheeky ton in his voice.
Wine tour was great and we learned a lot. Our tour guide lady mentioned that later, we all gonna have more wine tasting. As soon as I heard that, I asked my boyfriend to ask her, if it's possible to get those champagne glasses. ''I'm sorry but we cannot give them away.''
My boyfriend looked at me, but I told him :'' It's ok, anyway those are our champagne glasses.
''You and your positive thinking'' he replied and smiled.
We continued our tour and finally came the best part, wine tasting.
Of course I went for a champagne and holding a glass in my hand I looked at my boyfriend :
Beautiful champagne glasses, please ask again if we can buy them???

''I'm sorry'', tour lady replayed, ''If we were selling them to everyone we wouldn't have any.''
I looked at my champagne glass and whispered, but I wish to have them.
As soon as I finished my sentence, our bartender (young boy) looked at us and told us.
''Oh, today it's a wine anniversary and we are giving all our guests champagne glasses as a souvenir.''
''Really''???? I replied.
''Yes, you can keep them both.''
''Thank you so much, I smiled. I just hope they not gonna break.''
''Would you like me to put them in a box for you?'' he replied......

On the way to our car smiling and holding my box with 2 special glasses I looked at my boyfriend:
''See, I told you from the beginning those are our champagne glasses.''

Later on we went to see the town and since it was late afternoon, we stopped at the small bar where we ordered coffee.
'' I can't wait to have a…...''
''Yes, yes, a big cup of coffee.” he replied again with a cheeky ton in his voice.
But again I got disappointed when my black coffee came in a small cup.

Next morning we got woken up at 10.00am by the owner of the hotel. She came to tell us breakfast are ready. Breakfast was served in a charming room, with fireplace in the middle. Walking through the door felt like stepping back in time. Everything looked so perfect.
''I'm gonna get you some coffee'', she said. ''Would you like to have some milk with it?''
''No, just 2 black coffees, please''.....we replied.
In 5 minutes she came back and I couldn't believe it.
In her hand she had 2 biggest coffee cups I have ever seen.

She put them on the table and 2 minutes later she came with 2 jugs filled with coffee. One jug was for me and one for my boyfriend.
It was the best and the biggest cup of coffee I ever had.

Moral of this story is, that sometimes we are not aware, how powerful our words are. If we want something truly and deeply from the heart, it might come true sooner then we can imagine.


Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Your words are the greatest power you have. They can get you on the fast track to manifesting your dreams. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience.  
~Sonia Choquette~                                 
''The power of the words is real whether or not you are conscious of it. ''

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