Friday, November 16, 2012

Azurite healing properties

Azurite is a deep blue colored stone and is called the "stone of heaven".
Azurite is a healing stone and a great to hold when you are learning how to meditate. Placing it on the third eye chakra during meditation will open up the inner vision. 

Azurite has a transformative quality that stimulates an increase in communication skills, intuition, creativity and inspiration. Also, increases contact with your spiritual guides and heightens your psychic awareness. It releases stress and helps to inspire and motivate to have the confidence to make new beginnings.
Azurite enhances creativity, inspiration and intuition. It aids in building confidence as spiritual cleansing. It is quite useful when studying for exams as it helps one to retain information.

Azurite is used for this benefits:
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- Azurite is believed to be a strong healing stone 
- Stimulates brain and nerve activity  
- Reduces stress, depression and anger
- Calms anxiety
- Reducing fear and phobias
- Soothe migraines, lessen tinnitus and balance vertigo
- Help with throat and neck issue, such as (sore throat, neck ache)
- For students it encourages study, concentration and memory
- It is used to treat arthritis and joint problems
- Heals kidneys and liver problems
- Being that Azurite is an absorbing stone, it can also be used to clear toxins from the body
- Azurite is a powerful amulet for protection from physical harm

You can wear Azurite on you or you can hold it in your hand for healing.
Remember to clean your stone as soon as you buy it and after each time you used the stone for healing. Storing Azurite requires care as well. It should be boxed separately, pouched in cloth, paper or velvet before it is mixed in with other jewelry items.


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