Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rose Quartz

Love is important, love is something that will happen to you even if you don't want it. With love, you can learn how to live.
Have you ever felt what it is to go weak in your knees and experience the thunderbolt?
Once in a lifetime, everyone experiences it. Today or tomorrow, that someone will walk by and you will connect just like magnets do. 
So why not try to use Rose Quartz and speed the process of finding the one.

Rose Quartz - known as the ''Love Stone''.
It's a pink-colored crystal that carries gentle, soothing energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded.
Rose Quartz is an excellent heart-healing gemstone.
It opens our hearts to aknowledge and more easily identify all the beauty that surrounds us, teaches us forgiveness and tolerance. It also encourages forgiveness through its soothing, healing properties. Brings peacefulness, calm to relationships and heals emotional wounds.
Rose Quartz soothes, comforts, reassures and brings about deep inner healing.
This stone gently removes negativity and attracts the energy of love bringing calm to relationships.

Rose Quartz is used for these benefits:
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- Encourages self love
- Enhances all forms of love: self love, mother love, caring, kindness and romantic love. 
- Attracts unconditional love 
- Heals emotional body
- Eases heartache
- Clears stored anger and jealousy
- Relieves loneliness
- Releases repressed hurts
- Promotes forgiveness
- Offers inner peace
- Aids healing of depression

You can wear it on you to improve your love luck, or you can hold it in your hand for healing.

Over time Rose Quartz crystals are prone to fading and are best kept away from prolonged sunlight. They are also prone to crack or chip very easily so handle them with care.
Crystals should be cleansed soon after you get one for the first time and after each time you use the stone for healing, either for yourself or healing for someone else.

"The more love you give in your day-to-day life, the greater the magnetic power of love you have in the field around you and everything you want will fall at your feet." 
~Rhonda Byrne~


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