Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get inspired

Once again, it's time for another post with inspirational quotes.
Why are inspirational quotes so powerful?
They can express in words, what you feel in your heart.

Sometimes it helps to know that you’re not alone and others have been in the same situation. 
Inspirational quotes can keep you going when you’re down or they can help you climb to the top. 
Reading inspirational quotes everyday promotes a healthy attitude.

I think it's amazing that just a couple of words can help you feel better.
Isn't it all what we are looking for?
They can also help and increase your confidence or renew your hope.  

Try to display your favorite quotes in a visible place and read them throughout the day.

Please, have a look at some of my favorite inspirational quotes and get inspired.



You have been given the ability to create the life you want through a law that says you are worthy of receiving anything you can possibly imagine. The law of attraction is unlimited. Make a promise to yourself that you will take the brakes off your thinking and your imagination and that instead you will believe that everything you can imagine is possible.
Because it is!

''Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out.''
~Gordon B. Hinckley~

''You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.''
~Coco Chanel~

''See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.''

~Bob Proctor~ 

''When you choose to be pleasant and positive in the way you treat others, you have also chosen, in most cases, how you are going to be treated by others.''
~Zig Ziglar~

''Life isn't happening to you, life is responding to you. Whatever story you tell, whether good or bad, will be the story of your life. So start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it."
~Rhonda Byrne~

''Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.''
~Napoleon Hill~

''Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.''
~Thich Nhat Hanh~



  1. I often find positive quotes to be inspirational. Thank you for posting these.

  2. This is so good Dusana..Please post often. My favourite qoute is the first one by ~Gordon B. Hinckley~ which somehow gives me hope and encouragement

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for stopping by, will post some more quotes in the future.
      I like that quote as well, it is very encouraging and positive.

      Dusana :-)

  3. I love quotes and the one by Chanel is one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you, me too. Just did a post on my other blog about Coco Chanel. Please, have a look at it, you might like it.

      Dusana :-)

  4. I love the quotes. Very encouraging. Sometimes you need a reminder of the good things.